Multimedia Handbook

The Multimedia Handbook functions as a guide for teachers, providing a rationale and learning outcomes for each game scenario. It also contains additional resources and suggested activities for the classroom.

The handbook is divided in three thematic sections


Sexism and Stereotyping




Gender-based Violence, Harassment and Abuse

In each of these sections are a number of game scenarios and associated activities and mini games. Although students can play the various scenarios and activities of the game in any sequence, it is best for teacher and students to work through the game in the linear structure outlined by the handbook: this is because it starts with more basic concepts such as stereotyping and everyday sexism, and then moves on to show how these phenomena are used to justify more serious incidents of discrimination and power abuse.

The game genre is role playing game (RPG). Role playing games allow players to adopt the perspective of another person or avatar and experience their world. GenTOPIA adopts the RPG genre suitably so that players can get a sense of gender related issues and for solving them through a character (Mia) and those around Mia. Players can navigate a gendered world directly when Mia is affected by the issues and indirectly when Mia helps others affected by issues. As such, the overall genre of the game matches the wider aims and objectives the project is concerned with.

The mini games, scenarios and diverse topics promote variety and concentration. GenTOPIA has a variety of other game features that enhance player engagement with the game. The graphics and art style are visually appealing in line with best design multimedia content for younger age-groups. The colour scheme is gender neutral and resembles the colours found in Manga, Anime, Comic Books, other games and TV shows. These were purposive strategies to engage young people and trusted adults (e.g. teachers) when matching the serious gender content with young people’s interests in gaming (Logan, 2008). Additionally, GenTOPIA uses engaging music, vocals, and sounds that are familiar to other popular games young people play.




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