to Promote Gender Equality 

Developing a quality coexistence and fostering equality in the future lives among young students in secondary education.

Description of the project

Women’s traditional function of taking care of family members and their role in social reproduction limits the time they can spend in paid work and puts them at a disadvantaged position compared to men. Furthermore new studies carried out in this area show that among young people new roles man-women are arisen what causes new ways of gender violence, by other means as communication tools (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter…): controlling her use of the telephone, controlling her social relations etc.

An immediate consequence of this reality is the need to articulate policies, measures and concrete actions that facilitate the transformation and change of values that are still transmitted through the agents of socialization. Based on this background previously exposed, common throughout Europe, even if particularly strong in some countries, to foster gender equality concerns to all European countries. 

Main project aims

To face this problem, this consortium, built up with different social agents and representing different European realities, has decided to work together in the following outcomes: 

ITC Tools

Production of new and innovative ICT tools for developing a quality coexistence and fostering equality in the future lives among young students in secondary education.

Promotion of values and behaviours

Creating an enabling environment in society at large, encompassing gender equality such as personal autonomy, recognition of the richness of gender diversity, understanding and affirmation of effective equality in women’s and men’s rights as well as the effective solution or management of conflicts on the basis of gender. The promotion of these values and behaviours in general will create a democratic and peaceful climate in gender relations and then in society

They will have access to multimedia tools that will let them reach current society values in early stage when they are still not fixed in their behaviours. Even if the main target groups are students in secondary education, the project is expected to have a medium and long term impact in the society in general, because it will contribute to prevent all different kinds of gender violence, victimisation and bullying from the root, contributing to remove the behaviours and attitudes that give rise to them. 

The importance of developing this project at the transnational level lies in the relevance of creating general values and a global understanding of gender equality in all countries and to share the different realities and good practices already carried out between different European countries and cultures. 


Project target group

This project is directly focused on students in secondary education between 14 and 16 years old. Also teachers when they face the education of the students in transversal subjects. 

Main results



Multimedia Handbook


Dissemination events

Promotion and dissemination

The project dissemination activities will be focused on the main outcomes of the project: IO1 & IO2

The main activities to carry out during the project will be the following: 

Social nets

Disseminate the project and its products through the Internet in all languages of the countries participating in the project.

Project website

Website will be the main dissemination resource for the project and products.

Other dissemination activities

Newsletter, brochures…



Five Multiplier Events, inviting people for different organizations (schools, universities, authorities…)